Sunday, July 19, 2015

SnowCone Addiction The Home of The Gorilla Drank.......Banging On Our chest

I am always on a search for really awesome snack shops that offer something different that i can not find anywhere else. I came across Snow cone Addiction on instagram, I would sit and watch all the photos that people would tag Snow Cone Addiction. The main thing that really caught my eye is their very special Gorilla Drank, this gorilla drank had caught my eye and I was officially on a mission to try it my self.
When Snow Cone Addiction first started out it was out of a little tiny trailer, but like the saying goes big things come in small packages. So I make the trip out there to try out this place I've heard so much about ( or really seen so many good pictures on instagram about). I took my little family with me and we honestly feel madly and deeply in love with everything they have there, You can find a little of everything for everyone. They have drinks, shakes, and even hot food. I can tell you that the chili with corn bread they make is so dang good. There would be times that we couldn't wait to get our snacks and we would be out there for an hour early just waiting. we loved it because when it was cold the owner would allow us to drive our car up to the window so we didn't have to wait outside.
Now the Snow Cone Addiction has an awesome new building with tables, Restrooms, AC, and TVs. Its a perfect place to bring the family.
I honestly believe if any place has so many loyal customers the way Snow Cone Addiction does, it proves they have something awesome to offer. When you walk in to the building you feel like a family member. So head on over to Snow Cone Addiction and try the Gorilla Drank that will have you banging on your chest.

Snow Cone Addiction Info
Location- 213 palo alto rd
phone- 210-835-4030
Facebook Link- Click Here
Instagram page- Click Here

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tycoon Flats

My daughter was having a birthday and I thought that we would try something new. One thing that was important to me was that it was a family friendly place and had different choices for everyone. I started off by looking up different restaurants which fit with what i was looking for. I saw a few places that I had already been to, but then I came across Tycoon Flats. Tycoon Flats claimed to be the best family friendly restaurant and bar. I red some of the reviews and there was some good and some bad. Normally I do not judge based on bad reviews that have to do with the service, because I like to believe that if the servers are that bad that management would have taken care of it. The reviews that I saw said the food was great but service was not so great. After reviewing the menu I felt it would be a good choice because they had something for everyone. I called Tycoon Flats 3 days before the day we were planning to go. The person I spoke to was very polite and helpful even thought she was speaking to someone else while i was on the phone with her. I asked if they had tables big enough for 15 she said they did but it would be in the outside sitting area. We were ok with that and my daughter was so excited. I have to say that 2 people in our party had been to Tycoon Flats before but it was a long time ago. This was my first time so I was unsure of what I should do, so we walk in and there is no one there to tell us where to go so I had to stop a server and they told us to go a head and find a table out side. We went to the outside area and found a table that we thought would be good because we were near the fans they have out side. It took a little while after we sat down to notice the smell of urine, this was not urine from a dog since the place is pet friendly. We went ahead and ignored that because we wanted my daughter to have a great birthday. We sat there waiting for about a good 10 minutes before our server Donna came out to help us. She gave us the menus and took our drink orders and then we waited another 15 minutes before we received our drinks. I also have to mention one of the members of our party ordered a sangria which Donna told us was on special, that drink was watery and had no taste what so ever. While we had our server Donna at our table we placed our order for appetizers before she took off and we didn't see her for another 20 minutes. During this whole time there was a total of 5 tables out there at 3 servers. we waited a very long time just for our appetizer. At this point Donna left the pitcher of tea because she did not want to have to keep checking on our table. Once we placed our orders Donna came back to our table about 15 minutes later to tell us that they had ran out of french fries and we could either have chips or onion rings but if we got onion rings we still had to pay the $1.25 extra. I was not very happy at this point because we had let a lot of things slide. So we asked another server who was a male if he could call a manager and i have to say even that server had an attitude like he hated his job. The manager took his time coming over and when we told him the problem about the fries he tell us " oh no we did not run out of fries we ran out of sweet potato fries " ( which none of us ordered) The manager did not seem very concerned over his unhappy guest, but he did go and change it all back to fries. After about another 15 minutes Donna then brings out our food and tries to give us some stupid story about someone having to run to HEB to get more fries for us and told us that the fries that we were eating were HEB fries. This really pissed me off because I paid good money for that food and if I wanted HEB fries I  would make them my self. At some point during our lunch our table started getting attacked by flies and no other tables had any. we could have gotten passed a lot of things but what I couldn't get over was the feeling that I got, I felt that we were treated the way we were treated because we were the only table in the whole place including the inside that had people at our table that were not white. My husband is Mexican,  my children are half Mexican, and my family member are half Mexican. I noticed all the other tables were people who were white and they got their food on time and had no problems. So in the end I know that I will never return to that place and the other 15 people who were at my table will also never return to that place.
I never write a review claiming to be treated differently because of our race. because this has never happened to me. We live in San Antonio Texas which is made up of mostly Hispanic people so to see this happen here has really shocked me, If anyone else makes the choice to give Tycoon Flats a chance i hope you have a better experience then I did. Since this happened I looked up more review and trust me I am not the only one who has had a very bad experience,

P.S Every single person that worked there except the kitchen staff were people who were non Hispanic.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I got Porked at Porky's

My new favorite place to go to is Porkey's they have 2 locations one on Culabra and one on 410 near Babcock.
I passed by this place a million times but had never tried it till my cousin and I went there after a movie. Porky's is known for their big burgers and hot dog. They have a 2 pound hotdog and as well as a 1 pound burger. They have a wide range of different foods you can order as well as fish burgers and pulled pork. I really love that they have really good lunch and dinner specials. Now anyone who knows me I always love places that offer a special night where kids eat free and Porky's offers kids eat free on wed. nights. Porky's also have a game room for the kids and a bar for the adults.  Porky's has also become one of my favorite burger joints as well. If you would like more information about Porky's and to look over their full menu you can find a link to their site Here. If you go and try out Pork's and take on the 2 pound hot dog please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know if you were able to finish it all. 

Bigz Burger Joint

I have to say that Bigz Burger Joint is now one of my most favorite places to go. We went over the weekend for a family pre Christmas dinner with some family that came in from out of town. I had never eaten there before so I was very excited to go there. Before I tell you about the awesome food let me first tell you this is a perfect place to go if your having a get together and you have young kids. Bigz has big family style tables that are good for large families, but the best part is they have a huge fenced in field were the kids can just go run wild while the adults talk and have fun. You can bring soccer balls, footballs, or any other type of toys for the kids to play with in the field. Now when i say field i dont mean a real field it is made of that fake AstroTurf kind of grass. 
Now lets talk about the food I ordered the Bigz famous #2 double burger. Now at normal places you would get a small thin patty but at Bigz the patties are HUGE. The also have something very different that you can order which is the Bigz Chalupa burger which is made of a chrispy tostada shell loaded with refried beans, cheddar cheese and fresh made pico de gallo topped with a half pound burger and served on a toasted bun. They do not only serve burgers but you can also get chicken burger or a veggie burger as well as hot dogs and salads. They have great kids meal choices and they also offer different desserts. I went with a mexican vanilla milk shake which I have to say is to die for. 
Bigz Burger Joint gets two thumbs up from me and for our next family get together we will be going there again.

P.S They do serve adult drinks and they have 2 locations one on 151 and military and one at 1604 between bitters and huebner. for more information about Bigz Burger Joint you can find a link to their website by clicking Here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something I Need To Say About Bill Millers

If you are from San Antonio or spend a lot of time in here you know Bill Miller’s. I grew up eating Bill Millers all the time and I loved their tea. I would stop at Bill Miller’s at least once a day some times more than that. The food has always been so good, but it seems lately that Bill Miller’s has been lacking and not living up to its reputation. It would be one thing if it was just one of their locations but I have had problems with at least 4 different locations.
First off I used to love the tea it was the perfect sweet tea. In the last 10 times I have been there the tea was watered and not up to par. It seems like a lot of the time that I go they seem to mess up my order. My cousin had a problem the other day with one of their locations and it was not handled the way it should be handled. They completely messed up her order and when she called and asked to speak to the manager she was told to bring back her food. My cousin explained that some of the food had already been eaten by her children and she did not want to drive all the way back over there so late at night. The manger ended up telling her to save the food and bring it back when she had the time, because the manger did not believe the order was incorrect. My cousin ended up getting so upset that she went back and showed her that she was not lying and the manager was rude to her.
My cousin ended up calling the main office for Bill Miller’s and they did correct the situation and sent her some gift cards. I still feel like Bill Miller’s is not the place it used to be. I will say that some of the food there is still good but I know they can do better because they have done better.
I want to say something about Bill Miller’s that has nothing to do with the food but really bothers me a lot. They are always saying they are hiring and need people so bad but they will not take anyone who has tattoos on any parts of their arms, hands, or any other body part that can be seen. Now a day’s everyone seems to have tattoos now, but it doesn’t make you a bad person. I feel if they need workers so bad then they need to understand that some people have tattoos. I have a very small tattoo on my wrist that is not even big enough that you notice it right away. When I was 18 and tried to apply there and they wouldn’t even let me apply because of that tattoo. I really wish more work places would be more open to tattoos in the work place.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant

The husband and I went on a late lunch date to a very popular Mexican restaurant called Don Pedro. I went with the carne guisada plate. If you don’t know what carne guisada is it’s basically meat in gravy like sauce. It’s kind of hard to explain what it is unless you know it. The plate came with ride and beans because that’s just how Mexican plates are suppose to come. The food was very fresh compared to other Mexican restaurants that I have been to.
The man that waited onus was very nice and was always there to refill our glass of tea, which is very important to me because I am a Texan who loves her tea. The prices on the plates are a little higher than you would find at some other places but it is worth the extra money. They have a wide variety of food to choose from such as fish tacos to hamburgers.  Don Pedro’s also has really good margaritas, now I am not a big drinker but we happened to be there during happy hour. The waiter told us about a new margarita they have now that is called the chamoirita which has 3 flavors in it lime, mango, strawberry. I saw it and I really wanted to try it so I ordered one. I must say I have never tasted anything like it and I really enjoyed it. It was a little strong for me but like I said I am not a big drinker.
Don Pedro’s has a breakfast buffet that I hear awesome things about. I look forward to going in and trying the breakfast buffet and reporting back to my readers and letting you guys know if it’s as good as they say.

Don Pedro’s is located at 1526 South West Military Dr in San Antonio Texas. If you would like to read their menu or find out more information you can find their website Here

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beto's On Boradway

I wanted my first restaurant review to be about my all time favorite restaurant. Beto’s on Broadway is one of the best places I have ever eaten at. I normally do not go to a place like this but I got a great deal on Groupon and it was my wedding anniversary. We had seen Beto’s on the food network show Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives and said we needed to try that place out. The day I saw the groupon deal I knew I had to get it.
From the outside you really don’t think much about it. There is a great outside patio section that is perfect for family dinners or just a get together with friends. The staff is very friendly and the owner is always walking around checking on things. As my husband I sat there we kept hearing smooth jazz music playing and we thought it was a radio, but we were so wrong there was a man in the coroner playing the piano which is really cool to me. The atmosphere is a laid back but kind of fancy. They had a full bar with beer, wine, mojitos, and margaritas but we didn’t have any drinks.
The menu consists of empanadas, tacos, burgers, and Quesadillas If you know what empanadas are let me tell you these are not your average empanadas. The groupon deal we got was good for 2 combos, and a desert. My husband picked the Calabacita con Puerco empanada and I picked the Chicken Poblano empanada. Each combo comes with rice, beans, salad, and a drink. When we took the first bit out of our empanadas we were instantly in love with out meal. I have never eaten something like that in an empanada. The flavors were so unique and different. The rice and beans that came with the food were so good they didn’t have an overcooked taste like you find at other places.  You could tell the food was freshly made and hadn’t been sitting out all day.
The best part of our meal at Beto’s was the desert. We order the banana w/leche quemada and pecan sweet empanada. The desert comes with a cup of coffee and vanilla ice cream. The empanada itself is the best thing I have ever tasted in my whole life and trust me I have tasted a lot of food. It was warm and reminded me of my grandma and the empanadas she use to make me as a child. There are no words to explain the taste of these empanadas. We saw people coming in just to order the desert empanadas because that’s how good they are. The vanilla ice cream was not just regular vanilla ice cream they did something special to it I am not sure what they did but man oh man it was the best dang ice cream I ever had.
I highly recommend Beto’s to anyone looking for a special place to take someone on a first date, an anniversary dinner, or even just a special meal with the family.
If you would like to find out more information about Beto’s you can find them on their facebook page or on their website.