Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something I Need To Say About Bill Millers

If you are from San Antonio or spend a lot of time in here you know Bill Miller’s. I grew up eating Bill Millers all the time and I loved their tea. I would stop at Bill Miller’s at least once a day some times more than that. The food has always been so good, but it seems lately that Bill Miller’s has been lacking and not living up to its reputation. It would be one thing if it was just one of their locations but I have had problems with at least 4 different locations.
First off I used to love the tea it was the perfect sweet tea. In the last 10 times I have been there the tea was watered and not up to par. It seems like a lot of the time that I go they seem to mess up my order. My cousin had a problem the other day with one of their locations and it was not handled the way it should be handled. They completely messed up her order and when she called and asked to speak to the manager she was told to bring back her food. My cousin explained that some of the food had already been eaten by her children and she did not want to drive all the way back over there so late at night. The manger ended up telling her to save the food and bring it back when she had the time, because the manger did not believe the order was incorrect. My cousin ended up getting so upset that she went back and showed her that she was not lying and the manager was rude to her.
My cousin ended up calling the main office for Bill Miller’s and they did correct the situation and sent her some gift cards. I still feel like Bill Miller’s is not the place it used to be. I will say that some of the food there is still good but I know they can do better because they have done better.
I want to say something about Bill Miller’s that has nothing to do with the food but really bothers me a lot. They are always saying they are hiring and need people so bad but they will not take anyone who has tattoos on any parts of their arms, hands, or any other body part that can be seen. Now a day’s everyone seems to have tattoos now, but it doesn’t make you a bad person. I feel if they need workers so bad then they need to understand that some people have tattoos. I have a very small tattoo on my wrist that is not even big enough that you notice it right away. When I was 18 and tried to apply there and they wouldn’t even let me apply because of that tattoo. I really wish more work places would be more open to tattoos in the work place.

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