Sunday, July 19, 2015

SnowCone Addiction The Home of The Gorilla Drank.......Banging On Our chest

I am always on a search for really awesome snack shops that offer something different that i can not find anywhere else. I came across Snow cone Addiction on instagram, I would sit and watch all the photos that people would tag Snow Cone Addiction. The main thing that really caught my eye is their very special Gorilla Drank, this gorilla drank had caught my eye and I was officially on a mission to try it my self.
When Snow Cone Addiction first started out it was out of a little tiny trailer, but like the saying goes big things come in small packages. So I make the trip out there to try out this place I've heard so much about ( or really seen so many good pictures on instagram about). I took my little family with me and we honestly feel madly and deeply in love with everything they have there, You can find a little of everything for everyone. They have drinks, shakes, and even hot food. I can tell you that the chili with corn bread they make is so dang good. There would be times that we couldn't wait to get our snacks and we would be out there for an hour early just waiting. we loved it because when it was cold the owner would allow us to drive our car up to the window so we didn't have to wait outside.
Now the Snow Cone Addiction has an awesome new building with tables, Restrooms, AC, and TVs. Its a perfect place to bring the family.
I honestly believe if any place has so many loyal customers the way Snow Cone Addiction does, it proves they have something awesome to offer. When you walk in to the building you feel like a family member. So head on over to Snow Cone Addiction and try the Gorilla Drank that will have you banging on your chest.

Snow Cone Addiction Info
Location- 213 palo alto rd
phone- 210-835-4030
Facebook Link- Click Here
Instagram page- Click Here

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