Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tycoon Flats

My daughter was having a birthday and I thought that we would try something new. One thing that was important to me was that it was a family friendly place and had different choices for everyone. I started off by looking up different restaurants which fit with what i was looking for. I saw a few places that I had already been to, but then I came across Tycoon Flats. Tycoon Flats claimed to be the best family friendly restaurant and bar. I red some of the reviews and there was some good and some bad. Normally I do not judge based on bad reviews that have to do with the service, because I like to believe that if the servers are that bad that management would have taken care of it. The reviews that I saw said the food was great but service was not so great. After reviewing the menu I felt it would be a good choice because they had something for everyone. I called Tycoon Flats 3 days before the day we were planning to go. The person I spoke to was very polite and helpful even thought she was speaking to someone else while i was on the phone with her. I asked if they had tables big enough for 15 she said they did but it would be in the outside sitting area. We were ok with that and my daughter was so excited. I have to say that 2 people in our party had been to Tycoon Flats before but it was a long time ago. This was my first time so I was unsure of what I should do, so we walk in and there is no one there to tell us where to go so I had to stop a server and they told us to go a head and find a table out side. We went to the outside area and found a table that we thought would be good because we were near the fans they have out side. It took a little while after we sat down to notice the smell of urine, this was not urine from a dog since the place is pet friendly. We went ahead and ignored that because we wanted my daughter to have a great birthday. We sat there waiting for about a good 10 minutes before our server Donna came out to help us. She gave us the menus and took our drink orders and then we waited another 15 minutes before we received our drinks. I also have to mention one of the members of our party ordered a sangria which Donna told us was on special, that drink was watery and had no taste what so ever. While we had our server Donna at our table we placed our order for appetizers before she took off and we didn't see her for another 20 minutes. During this whole time there was a total of 5 tables out there at 3 servers. we waited a very long time just for our appetizer. At this point Donna left the pitcher of tea because she did not want to have to keep checking on our table. Once we placed our orders Donna came back to our table about 15 minutes later to tell us that they had ran out of french fries and we could either have chips or onion rings but if we got onion rings we still had to pay the $1.25 extra. I was not very happy at this point because we had let a lot of things slide. So we asked another server who was a male if he could call a manager and i have to say even that server had an attitude like he hated his job. The manager took his time coming over and when we told him the problem about the fries he tell us " oh no we did not run out of fries we ran out of sweet potato fries " ( which none of us ordered) The manager did not seem very concerned over his unhappy guest, but he did go and change it all back to fries. After about another 15 minutes Donna then brings out our food and tries to give us some stupid story about someone having to run to HEB to get more fries for us and told us that the fries that we were eating were HEB fries. This really pissed me off because I paid good money for that food and if I wanted HEB fries I  would make them my self. At some point during our lunch our table started getting attacked by flies and no other tables had any. we could have gotten passed a lot of things but what I couldn't get over was the feeling that I got, I felt that we were treated the way we were treated because we were the only table in the whole place including the inside that had people at our table that were not white. My husband is Mexican,  my children are half Mexican, and my family member are half Mexican. I noticed all the other tables were people who were white and they got their food on time and had no problems. So in the end I know that I will never return to that place and the other 15 people who were at my table will also never return to that place.
I never write a review claiming to be treated differently because of our race. because this has never happened to me. We live in San Antonio Texas which is made up of mostly Hispanic people so to see this happen here has really shocked me, If anyone else makes the choice to give Tycoon Flats a chance i hope you have a better experience then I did. Since this happened I looked up more review and trust me I am not the only one who has had a very bad experience,

P.S Every single person that worked there except the kitchen staff were people who were non Hispanic.

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